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our promise





exclusive add-on

All Premades are created with 1 or more Licensed Stock Image Assets and are Sold ONLY once.

heavy revisions*: $50

  • 1 round of minor edits such as to do font change for author name and title, and addition of tagline and/or cover blurbs.

  • author name and book title changed and returned within 72 hours of purchase​​​

​​- eBook cover in both JPEG and PNG formats (300dpi) 

- 1 Social Media banner

- 1 3D Cover Mockup (with transparent background - PNG format)​

*add-on only available for premade covers. Includes changes to overall color schemes, model's hair color, alterations to match existing series in as much as we are able.

our promise





Semi-custom cover created from Client's Concept.

No Down Payment or other Obligations.


Artist will use a minimum of 2 assets for cover

Artist will produce a cover within 14 days.​

Revisions for:

  • 1 author name and font change

  • addition of a tagline and/or cover blurb

Client has first right of refusal and 5 days to make a decision. If client refuses the cover, it becomes a premade to be sold on MJ Novel Designs website.

​​- eBook cover in both JPEG and PNG formats (300dpi) 

- 1 Social Media banner

- 1 Social Media promo image

- 1 3D Cover Mockup (with transparent background - PNG format)​



our promise



Fully-custom cover created from Client's Concept 

​$75 downpayment payable when commissioned design contract is signed and returned to Artist

Artist will provide a selection of asset images of which Client can choose up to 4  ​or designate fewer assets in exchange for including hand-painted elements (ie: magical elements, custom sky scenes etc.)

proof of concept before artwork is started.

1 refusal of concept with redirection to produce a 2nd proof of concept 


Professional Typography design 

3 Post-Artwork Revision Rounds


If, after 2 proofs of concept and/or 3 rounds of post-artwork revisions, the Client refuses the cover, the client forfeits the $75 downpayment and the cover becomes a premade to be sold on MJ Novel Designs website.

- eBook cover in both JPEG and PNG formats (300dpi)

- print wrap with blurb and UPC. 

- audio book cover

- 1 Social Media promo image

- 2 3D Cover Mockups (with transparent background - PNG format)​

a la cart.

a la cart items only available for book covers created by MJ Novel Designs. 


book series logo: $75

author logo: $125-$175

print-ready business cards: $45


3D book mockup on transparency: $10/each

social media Graphics: $25/each

nookmarks (front & back): $45


paperback wrap: $50

hardcover wrap: $75

audiobook cover: $25

series wrap: $75

heavy revisions -premade pkg only: $50


main/complex character: $50/ea

small/simple character: $40/ea

setting or small element: $20/ea

overly complex manipulations: $10/hour



1 social media banner

3 advertisment graphics

4 3D book mockups

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